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Seawork Marine Services is a diving and marine contractor, offering clients a range of services in the maritime sector.  



Seawork has extensive experience and a comprehensive inventory of specialist equipment enabling it to undertake a wide range of projects.



Seawork is committed to delivering projects on programme with emphasis on quality and safety.



​Seawork offer a broad range of service in the Maritime Sector to clients. Our aim is to excel in these areas by constantly reviewing our capability.



Seawork have over the past 25 years been involved with numerous high-profile projects. It continues to be a favourite provider of diving and marine services among Clients.



Read about the specialist equipment owned by Seawork Marine Services that enables us to offer Clients a superior service.



Review our valued Clients that we have worked with in the past and read some of the impressive testimonials.


New Containerised Chamber/Dive Control

March 2020

Seawork’s new bespoke fully integrated diving system. Housed in a 20 foot container is a 2 diver panel with substantial fully independent air supplies, a twin lock decompression chamber, LP air receivers for chamber and diver, HP storage for reserve air for chamber and divers with reducer panels, on board oxygen, backup power supplies, emergency lighting, umbilical storage, UPVC partition and the list goes on.

Obstruction Marker Pile

February 2020

Seawork were instructed to undertake a full inspection of a marker pile warning of a large submerged object. The spec called for a complete inspection, Ultrasonic thickness, Video together with a report including recommendations.

Asset Maintenance

Winter 2020

Seawork have been busy undertaking asset maintenance on numerous structures at various locations. These are simple to complex and cosmetic to structural but none the less are vital to maintain the integrity of the facility.

Shuttering and Underpinning

January 2020

Seawork undertook the design and site work to stabilise a retaining wall that had scoured and was failing. Galvanised steel interlocking trench sheets were driven into the seabed and restrained with steel beams to provide a steel box shutter. The work could only be undertaken at low water spring tides and once installed 60 cube of concrete was then pumped and allowed to flow into all the voids to establish a solid foundation.

Back on the Thames Again

January 2020

Seawork were back on the Thames removing the other fender.

Thames Fender Work

December 2019

Seawork were called in by our long established clients to assist with the removal of a fender that had been damaged by a berthing vessel.

Confined Space

October 2019

Seawork were tasked with the removal of debris, silt and sediment in a storage tank. Exceptionally tight access and a complex structure made this an interesting and challenging job as well as the fact it had to be undertaken at night.  

Fast Turnaround on Anodes

September 2019

Seawork received a call late in the day to attend a Car Carrier Vessel. The requirement was to remove 18 anodes from the rudder and stern post and refit with new ones in a short window before the vessel sailed. All was completed and included a full video survey together with a detailed report showing the locations of the new anodes.

Outfall Maintenance

September 2019

Seawork were engaged to undertake the replacement of the new tide flex duck bill valves on an outfall in 25 metres of water. Working again from the DSV Curtis Marshall the work was completed and a full inspection with UW video undertaken for the clients records.

Culvert Tideflex Valve Plate

August 2019

Seawork provided the diving services together with the lifting operations to install a Tideflex Valve plate assembly to a culvert discharge.  Work involved drilling and resin setting fixings and removal of previous steelwork from the area of wall that the new plate would fix.

Anti-Vortex Plates and Pipework

August 2019

Following previous works and after the mass concrete plug was cured, Seawork returned to install anti vortex plates and pipework.  Precision accuracy was required by the divers installing the system for the design to be effective. The client was highly impressed and has other work for us in the future.

Installation of Deterrent Steelwork

August 2019

Seawork were back in fabrication mode again in August installing deterrent steel tubes to a quay to protect the culvert valve assembly from damage by vessels.

Dredger Salvage

July 2019

Seawork were selected to undertake the recovery of a suction dredger from 27 metres of water in a sand quarry. This project was comply due to location, access, nil visibility and that the dredger required separating in 4 parts.

Our dive system was set up on floating pontoons and a work boat assisted with moving the equipment once separated and suspended on lift bags. One of our decompression chambers was on site due to fully comply.

As the dredger pontoon weighed 56 tonnes a 750 tonne crane was to recover all the component parts ashore in a safe and controlled series of lifts.

Fabric Formwork and Concreting

June 2019

Seawork were chosen to undertake the sealing of a deep shaft. Proserve designed 3 fabric formwork ‘plugs’ that would be used to seal the 3 tunnels that are 4 foot diameter and in a 77 foot deep shaft. Once in place the ‘plugs’ were filled with micro concrete, one per day to allow cure. The final one had a 300mm diameter tube passing through it to prevent pressure head, once cured a flange was installed to seal. Concrete was then pumped to totally seal permanently the base of the shaft. Planned for 6 days Seawork completed their element in 4.

Culvert Inspections

May 2019

Seawork were back in the culverts again undertaking Engineering Inspections of these historic structures

Dock Gate Replacement

April 2019

Seawork undertook the reinstatement of the dock gates following refurbishment work to allow many years more service. Protecting the boat dock from bad weather, tidal surges and offering privacy and security the refurbished gates performed perfectly following installation and final adjustment.

Dock Gate Removal

April 2019

Seawork were instructed to remove a pair of tired and frail dock gates from a small prestigious boat dock. Restricted access, and the quality of the development required careful preparation and planning. Needless to say the work was completed without any issues.

Mooring Rings and Anode Installation

March 2019

Seawork were instructed to design and install a sacrificial cathodic protection system to protect critical tube piles. Additional work was also requested to install new quayside mooring rings.

Blue View Survey

February 2019

Seawork assisted Land Scope Engineering to locate and position their Blue View 3D scanning equipment in various locations underwater so that a detailed 3D model of a complex structure could be created. Seawork look forward to working with Land Scope on their underwater projects in the future.

Boom Pile Float

February 2019

In February Seawork salvaged a failed pile float assembly and rapidly fabricated and installed a new unit to maintain the structures integrity.

Fairmile Vessel

January 2019

Seawork were proud to be selected to assist with the challenging and delicate task of transporting the unique Second World War Rescue Motor Launch RML 497 to The National Museum of the Royal Navy - Hartlepool from the South Coast.

Marina Pontoon Refurbishment

January 2019

A marina pontoon structure was refurbished by a team of Seawork Technicians. Work involved replacing the entire structure with non slip boarding and repairs to the sub structure. New runners and wear plates for the link span were also fitted and a new galvanized non slip quay edge plate installed. Our divers also installed anodes the the piles that secure the pontoons.

Quay Inspections

January 2019

First thing in the New Year Seawork were busy obtaining core samples for testing and analysis to determine Concrete Strengths so our Engineers could confirm deck loading.

Duckbill Valves

November 2018

Seawork were contracted at short notice to provide a vessel and dive team to undertake inspection of an outfall diffuser.  Seawork chartered the DSV ‘Curtis Marshall’ and mobilised with six divers for work in 26 metres of water.  The vessel remained ‘on station’ for 5 days while the entire diffuser was surveyed, defective valves removed and blanks installed.  Work was completed ahead of schedule.  

Intake Grill

October 2018

Seawork’s fabrication team has been busy again with the manufacture of a 5 x 5m, 2 piece cooling water intake grill.  Once complete it was TSA coated to conform with Clients Specification and then reinstalled subsea on the intake flume.

Cooling Intake

October 2018

Seawork has a long established successful reputation for work on outfalls, intakes, ducts and diffusers throughout the UK.  Here our team is undertaking the internal desilting of a 70m twin flume intake structure buried beneath the seabed working in a difficult to access tidal location.

Bathymetric Surveys

September 2018

Seawork have again been busy undertaking Bathymetric Surveys.  Two clients instructed us to provide our expertise in undertaking Bathymetric Surveys of areas of seabed associated with their marine assets. 

Confined Space - 355m Culvert – Detailed Condition Survey

September 2018


Seawork were selected by the National Trust to undertake a challenging survey of a 355m

long culvert system.  Restricted access and partially flooded conditions necessitated confined space operations with our highly skilled technicians, some trained to ‘High Risk with Rescue’ qualification.  Over 3 days the entire length of the culvert was subjected to detailed visual, photographic and video inspection.  Findings were reviewed by our Chartered Engineer and a detailed report compiled.

Emergency Crane Repairs

September 2018

Seawork attended site at immediate notice to undertake repairs to 2 quayside cranes.  Under direction from Crane Engineers repair plates fabricated from S355 grade steel were welded in position by our highly skilled and multi disciplined team including coded welders followed by full NDT examinations prior to painting.  

Spool Piece Installation

August 2018

Seawork were instructed to provide a team to install a spool piece to connect a 3.7km long 2.5m diameter outfall to shore side works.  This element was tidal with short working windows, however with extensive planning and a team of skilled personnel working together it was installed without issues.    

Coastal Engineer

August 2018

Seawork's long established commercial dive vessel Coastal Engineer departed Newport - South Wales bound for Southampton with a brief stop in Falmouth on route. She is currently being prepared for her new duties in Southampton.

Vessel Recovery

August 2018

Seawork responded to a vessel taking on water and in danger of sinking in the busy port of Southampton. 100 tonnes of buoyancy was secured to the vessel as a precaution prior to towing the vessel through the port and shipping lanes.  The vessel was then lifted ashore for scrap.  

Northney Boat Hoist

July - August 2018

Seawork were instructed to design and install an anode system to the cofferdam and piles on a boat hoist. After installation a commissioning survey was undertaken to ensure full performance.

Liferaft Trials

July 2018

Seawork were instructed to support liferaft trials on a cruise liner. After deployment and evacuation trials had taken place Seawork recovered the launching system and canisters from the seabed.

Commercial Wharf

July 2018

Seawork were commissioned to undertake a full structural survey of the structure at the Commercial Wharf, Plymouth.  Seawork dispatched a surface demand diving team, a confined space team and provided a Chartered Engineer to undertake the survey.  The facility remained fully operational throughout the works.

Out With The Old - In With The New

April - July 2018

Seawork were delighted to have been instructed to replace 2 aging fenders on a tanker berth. Seawork were involved in the design, on site management, as well as the installation of the 2 fender assemblies. 

I Beam Replacement

April 2018

Seawork were awarded a contract to design, fabricate and install new I beams and pile guides for existing pontoons/walkways in a busy marina. Work was completed with minimum disruption to operators/users.

Pile Repair Sleeve

March 2018

Seawork were called in to design, roll and install a 3m long, 12mm thick pile repair sleeve. The work required full welds both above and below water.

Boom Pile Refloat/Refit

March 2018

Following the one we installed last year, Seawork were asked to fabricate and install 2 more to the same specifications.

Cofferdam Anodes

January - March 2018

Seawork won the contract to install anodes to a cofferdam in a marina, to extend the life of the structure and undertake a commissioning survey to confirm the final outcome met expectations.

SWPH3 Bandscreen

February 2018

Seawork were instructed to attend site to install a band screen filtration system onto a cooling wall pump house. As we have a track record of successful installations the manufacturer did not hesitate to recommend us for the work.

Berth Obstruction

January 2018

Seawork were called out to supply dive team, lifting equipment, multicat and crane to locate and recover a 10 tonne rock and sunken pole fender obstructing a berth.

Fender Pile Inspection

January 2018

Seawork are back working on the Thames again. This contract involved a full survey of the fenders on a berth. Work included detailed inspection, ultrasonic thickness survey, photography, all in poor visibility in short slack water periods.

Donut Refloat & Repair

January 2018

Seawork were instructed to salvage a failed pile float. Once the condition of the old unit was established a new replacement was rapidly fabricated and installed to maintain the structures integrity.

Bathymetric Survey

December 2017

Seawork have been asked to undertake numerous bathymetric surveys, the most recent of these was to survey vessel berths and approaches for analysis of dredging requirements and vessel operations.

3 Year Maintenance Plan

December 2017

Part of our asset management contract with this client involves inspections, core samples, crush testing and rebar measurements to provide the client with calculated deck loading analysis to support their commercial operations.

Sacrificial Anode Installation

November 2017

Seawork have completed the installation of a Cathodic Protection System using sacrificial anodes welded to sheet piles. Work included the design and installation of 250 anodes, each weighing between 82-130kg.

Pontoon Repairs

October 2017

Seawork responded with emergency repairs to a marina. Work involved deck boards, pile guides, access brow repairs and connections between pontoons with new cover plates.

Berth Obstruction Removal

October 2017

Seawork were instructed to locate, prepare and remove obstructions to a berth. Ten tonne granite rocks were located and removed from18 metres of water and taken ashore.

Quay Wall Inspections / Bollard Testing

September 2017

Seawork were instructed to undertake a full asset management programme to a commercial quay. Work included a full measured survey - both above and below water, bollard testing, pontoon / pile inspections and provide a future maintenance plan with budget costings.


August 2017

Following a fire which led to the sinking of a vessel on the edge of a busy shipping lane, Seawork were instructed to inspect, raise and lift ashore the 36ft cruiser. The prevention of any pollution from the vessels fuel tanks was of particular concern however Seawork completed the work successfully without any issues.

Anchorsholme Outfall

August 2017

Seawork Marine Services have been selected as diving contractor for provision of diving services working for J Murphy & Son on UK's biggest outfall on behalf of United Utilities.

Recovery of Obstructions

July 2017

A Surface Demand Diving Team from Seawork Marine Services Ltd underway on Multicat Nero to undertake sub-sea inspections and recovery of obstructions from the seabed. 

3 Year Maintenance Programme

July 2017

Seawork is delighted to have been instructed by Cattedown Wharves Ltd (James Fisher PLC) to provide a 3 year Asset Management and Marine Maintenance Program of the facilities at Cattedown, Plymouth.

Marina Refurbishment

May 2017

Seawork pile into marina refurbishment work on behalf of MOD.  Scope included replacing old timber piles with new steel tubes, replacement pile guides, replacement pontoons and maintaining services throughout for marina users.    

Brow Seat

May 2017

Instructions to design, fabricate and install a new brow seat and replace bearings for a link span at a busy marina were received and completed to tight programme constraints within a 48 hour closure.

J Murphy

May 2017

Seawork Marine has deployed a team to Ireland to assist with the construction of the Anchorsholme outfall. At 2.5m diameter and 3.7km in length, it will be the largest diameter and one of the longest PE outfalls in the UK.

Mooring Recovery

April 2017

Seawork returned to RNLI Selsey in April, aided by a spell of good weather, to remove the breasting moorings from the now redundant lifeboat station.


Seabed Clearance

April 2017

Seawork were again delighted to receive instructions to continue with the removal of debris and piles from the seabed of the Old Lifeboat Station prior to the scheduled demolition of the Existing RNLI Lifeboat Station


March 2017

Seawork assisted ABP with the installation of a temporary subsea blank to the external opening of a culvert.  Once installed and pumped dry a bespoke blank could be installed at the bottom of a deep shaft in a confined space and the shaft flooded.

Fender Re-alignment

February 2017

Seawork were instructed to realign a distorted fender panel following a berthing incident that was preventing the berth from use. All repairs were complete within 30 hours of the initial call for assistance.

Brownsea Island Castle Jetty Repairs

February 2017

Seawork Marine Services were instructed by John Lewis Partnership to carry out emergency repairs to a section of the Castle Jetty which had become underscoured and unstable.

Removal of Old RNLI Lifeboat Station

January 2017

Following our detailed survey in 2016, Seawork have been instructed to remove seabed debris and obstructions at Selsey for the RNLI as part of a phased operation.

Land & Marine/ Murphys

January 2017

Seawork are providing a 14 man team working round the clock for long standing client Murphy / Land & Marine assisting with the Western Link - HVDC Project at Ardneil in Scotland.   

NAMAKA Subsea IMCA DO23 Audit

December 2016

A requirement from client Prysmian Power Link necessitated a IMCA DO23 Audit to be conducted by Namaka Subsea from Aberdeen. Both at our Headquarters at Romsey and on the vessel at Troon.

ABP Southampton Inspections

December 2016

Seawork Marine Services carried out diving and low water inspections at Town Quay, Southampton for client ABP.

Emergency Pontoon Repairs

December 2016

Prior to Christmas Seawork hastily mobilised to assist in preventing 2 pontoons from breaking away and sinking.  We were instructed to fabricate new steel transom sections together with new connections and to reinstate the units back into service.

ABP Berth Inspection

November 2016

Seawork Marine Services were instructed by ABP to undertake an engineering diving survey of the quay after a vessel impacted the dock wall on berthing.

Ramboll Marchwood

November 2016

Seawork Marine Services returned to Marchwood with Ramboll to carry out underwater inspections of Marchwood Wharf for client Tarmac. 

Brownsea Island Hydrographic & Topographic Survey

November 2016

Seawork Marine Services were instructed by John Lewis Partnership to carry out hydrographic and topographic surveys at Castle Jetty, Brownsea Island. 

Itchen Marine Propeller Cleaning

November 2016

Seawork Marine Services carried out underwater maintenance including propeller polishing on vessels WYEFORCE and WYESTORM for Itchen Marine at American Wharf Southampton.


November 2016

Seawork are pleased to confirm that in line with our Clients requirements and Seawork's continuous development we have successfully completed the Achillies Verify Audit.

Pontoon Repairs

October 2016

Seawork Marine Services carried out emergency temporary repairs to pontoons at a marina in Gosport.

Eon Audit

September 2016

Seawork Marine Services have successfully passed an audit on behalf of E.on to be included as an approved diving contractor for works at the renewable windfarm Rampion.

Ramboll Inspections

September 2016

Seawork Marine Services were contracted by Ramboll to assist with inspections including NDT surveys at Marchwood Wharf and Burnley Wharf for client Tarmac.

Pile Guide Replacement

September 2016

Seawork Marine Services carried out works to replace corroded pile guides as part of ongoing maintenance at a marina in Gosport. 

Esso Fawley Pollution Boom

August 2016

Seawork marine Services carried out repairs to the oil pollution boom at Fawley refinery which had been damaged by shipping.

Underwater Inspection

August 2016

Seawork Marine Services are very pleased to have been instructed to undertake preliminary underwater inspection/survey of the old lifeboat station at RNLI Selsey.

Culvert Repairs

August 2016

Seawork Marine Services have been busy during the summer undertaking culvert repairs requiring both diving and confined space operations.

Pontoon Repairs

August 2016

Seawork Marine Services were asked to undertake emergency repairs to make pontoons safe.

Work included bispoke fabrication, replacement of deckboards, bollards and safety ladder.

Yarmouth Harbour

July 2016

Seawork Marine Services are delighted to have been instructed to assist Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners with their Lottery assisted
refurbishment of the historic Yarmouth Pier. The works include, underwater inspections and detailed bed survey to confirm pile positioning, topographic survey with laser scanning and a full engineering assessment.


July 2016

Seawork Marine Services have completed works awarded as part of a package which included the refurbishment of vertical and horizontal berthing timbers. 

Happy Birthday Seawork!!!

June 2016

Seawork Marine Services is celebrating its Silver Anniversary this year. Founded in June 1991 Seawork has spent the last 25 years providing its clients with a large range of high quality, specialist services.


June 2016

Seawork has renewed its rolling membership with The Royal Society for the Provention of Accidents.



Associated British Ports

June 2016

Seawork were instructed to assist with projects for long standing Client ABP. Most recent works involved installation of blank plates and guide rails and the location and recovery of items from the seabed. 


May 2016

Seawork are pleased to confirm that their versitile Work Boat MCS 1 has completed sea trials following a major refit and will be available for work shortly.

WYLFA Outfall

May 2016

Seawork has successfully compleated the installation of a diffuser and scour protection at WYLFA Nuclear Power Station Anglesey.

Sea Vigil

May 2016

Seawork's 16.5m vessel has undergone a 5 year survey and is coded for Cat 2 operations for 14 persons.


May 2016

Seawork provided a fender repair consisting of steel work fabrication, welding, UHMW-PE facing materials.

The works were so successful that further similar repairs have been instructed.

ESSO Fawley

May 2016

Boom pile repairs and fenders have been replaced as part of on-going maintenance work.


In April Seawork provided diving services at Dungeness - A Magnox Nuclear Power Station, on their outfall. Worked involved cleaning mussels, pipe work modifications, installing duck bill valves.





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